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 Do the Detective Work - Whole Body Health 

Hormones, Metabolism, Glucose, Nutrients, Gut Health, Sleep, Stress Management, Accountability, Body Confidence


Who is this program uniquely designed for?

  • Someone who wants help prioritizing all the pieces they have learned along the way - and to learn about what really works.

  •  Access to true experts with over 25 years working with individuals in the nutrition & wellness realm. (not AI artificial intelligence apps)

  • Self starter but would really love (or needs) the accountability piece

  • The person who is busy but doesn't want to keep putting their health on the back burner.

  • Looking for realistic tools to reach goals ~very  "doable".

  • Someone wanting evidenced based long-term solutions that stick for healthy weight and vitality.

Jump Start Program

A great way to jump in and get started!                                145.00/month

Here is what you get 


  • Get Educated and Prioritize for you - Including 2 education videos  "Wellness Over 40' (Jen) and Hormones & Fat Loss (Kim) Movement Piece.

  • Effective & Individualized Goal Setting

  • One Hour Zoom or in Person Nutrition Visit

  • Weekly Email Check-Ins (Accountability)

  • Food Journaling and Personalized Feedback

  • Daily Access / Questions for Kim or Jen - Through our Free App.

  • Tools for Protein & Fiber sources

  • Hormone Healthy Recipes

  • Fitness Basics Video 

  • Month to Month - no pressure to continue but always an option - we also have payment plans


Who is this program uniquely designed for?

  • Someone wanting 2 more individualized visits either zoom or in person with Kim or Jen to dig deeper into the things on the right..... ​

Deep Dive 


Here is what you get for 6 weeks

  • Everything Included from the Above Jump-Start Program

  • 2 more in person or zoom follow- up visits (3 total) which may include the following:

    • Supplement Evaluation & Recommendations plus 25% off 1000's of High Quality Nutritional Supplements. 

    • Deep Dive into Individualized Symptom Management

    • Closer Look at Gut Health

    • An Individualized approach to brain health, good mood & stress support with nutrients and wellness "toolbox".

    • Evaluation and recommendations of any testing you decide to do with us or elsewhere.

Add On Services

Add Any of These to Above Programs:     


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