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Teens & Young Adults

I LOVE helping teens & young adults navigate healthy nutrition.
Diet culture can be overpowering in today's world and with so much nutrition information out there it can be hard to prioritize what is most healthful for you as an individual. 

Many teens come to me because they want to perform better in school or in a sport, improve focus, or support better energy levels & mental health. 

I can help identify nutrient deficiencies and help with a good balance of overall nutrition. 

For some, thinking about food and making food choices alongside weight and body image issues can add a lot of stress to daily life. 

It can prevent a person from feeling healthy, energetic, worthy, or even valued. 

I also work with those navigating college life where nutrition not only plays a huge role in nourishing the body but also can help with anxiety.   I'm here to help!  Jen :-) 

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Get this free download that you can share with and use with the teens or the young adults in your life.  Seeing a checklist on how a dietitian can be helpful can empower them to take their health into their own hands. 

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