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Healthy Weight 

Lots of Great Options to Choose From Below

  At Stronger Wellness and Nutrition we are committed to helping our clients achieve

long-lasting weight loss results by promoting and prioritizing healthy lifestyle changes for success.

We believe that weight loss should not be restrictive, but instead enjoyable and sustainable

(while supporting body confidence along the way). 


We are the experts in this area - All of us over 25 years experience

and Jen a registered dietitian with an Advanced Certified Weight-loss Certification

from the American Dietetic Association (the highest credential in weight loss available).

We are specialized in various areas of weight loss, including

meal planning, weight loss medications or supplements, hormones & fat loss,

metabolism supporting lab work, CGM (glucose monitoring), goal setting,

the psychology of change, and fitness.   We work with you to create a personalized plan

that helps improve your metabolism and find

what works best for you.

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