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Jen Sletten RD MA

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Owner - Stronger Wellness & Nutrition

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 I’m Jen,   I LOVE helping people live healthier.   

My style is highly comprehensive - looking at the many pieces that make up our nutritional health.  Whether you're looking for weight loss strategies, meal planning assistance, nutrition to support mental health & energy levels for you or your loved ones ~ I am here to help! 

 I have 25 plus years of experience working with individuals and teaching classes. With an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology, I use these skills to motivate and encourage my clients to reach their health goals.  Be rest assured that you'll be in good hands ~ I have worked with over 10,000 clients individually through the years. One of my biggest assets is how I relate to people. My approach is compassionate, realistic, & motivating.  Come see me at Stronger !

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New Client Nutrition Consultation Options

with Jen " WellnessGal "

= 145.00

Returning Client follow-up options & packages

Working with

Teens & Young Adults

Nutrition Labs
Available at Stronger Wellness & Nutrition​

Choosing Safe Effective Supplements Individualized for You

= 150.00


Programs & Classes at Happening at Stronger Wellness & Nutrition

  • If I choose to do testing/labs where do I go for blood work?
    There are some labs done in office at the Stronger Studio that require just a simple finger poke or a cheek swab. For more comprehensive labs that require a clinic type lab draw - I first order the lab kit and I partner with a few local clinics for blood draws. I will help you figure out the best place to go depending on where you live, usually there is a blood draw fee between $10.00 - $25.00 that the labs I work with charge for the "lab draw charge". Cost of the actual labs Jen orders are variable - but you will know the price up front and Jen passes on her wholesale pricing on labs to her clients.
  • What does the first appointment look like?
    The first visit is highly valuable for a realistic "jump start" so you can begin to shift your nutrition to make a difference for your health. The cost for the initial 90 minute consultation is $145.00 and you will leave with a “plan of attack.” Many of my clients then choose 3 more visits over 6-8 weeks (for an additional $250.00 which is a discounted rate) to continue to make the realistic changes with guidance and accountability. If clients book 1 visit at a time, it is $100 per visit. It’s all billed though my HIPPA secure Practice Better Nutrition app / website.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I do not take insurance, but my fees are half the price. I can provide a super-bill that clients can submit to insurance if there is a medical diagnosis code your doctor has given you - that your insurance company 'likes.' I do take HSA/FSA credit cards and am a qualified provider for those accounts.
  • Do you use an App?
    Yes, my clients also have access to my HIPPA secure Practice Better Nutrition app which I use to share tools and communicate in between appointments. Some also choose to continue to work together for accountability / then I offer economical type of packages, email check ins, classes, for accountability.
  • Do we meet in person or virtually?
    I can meet in person at my Stillwater, MN office and/or I can also meet virtually through HIPPA confidential zoom. As we move forward, I could do a mix of both of these if needed. My clients find the Practice Better Nutrition App useful through the process as well.
  • What happens after I book an appointment?
    You will receive a welcome email from my HIPPA confidential Practice Better Nutrition website. You will learn how to download and use the free Practice Better Nutrition App (optional) and will have free access to an optional journal and tools. I will also send you any health and nutrition questionnaires through this website or app. Check spam if you don't see them.
  • What is Jen's expertise?
    I am a Registered Dietitian (recognized expert in nutrition) with 25 plus years of experience working with over 10,000 individuals and teaching over 1500 classes. With an advanced degree in Counseling Psychology, I use those skills to motivate and encourage my clients to reach their health goals. My approach is strategic and compassionate.
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Kim Maxwell MS NTP

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Exercise Physiologist

Personal Trainer


Alissa Nogle, NASM-CPT, CES, PN1

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach

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