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At Stronger Wellness & Nutrition, we're passionate about helping you reach your health goals! We’re excited to provide the services and support you need to focus on WHOLE BODY HEALTH. What sets us apart is our team of true evidence-based experts in nutrition, fitness, and mental health to come along side you during your health journey.  Come visit our Studio in Stillwater, Minnesota for your NUTRITION, FITNESS, & WELLNESS.  Let us help you be the best version of yourself.

5805A Neal Ave. North
Stillwater, MN. 55082

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Our Wellness Wheel represents all of the areas we can help you with to enhance your overall wellness.  What sets us apart is that our team truly are experts  - evidence based and years of hands on experience.  To read more specifically how we address nutrition, fitness, stress management, body confidence, mental health, and your overall wellness click below.


Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are your Stronger Wellness & Nutrition Team.   What sets us apart is our credentials of STRONG EXPERTISE in each of our fields and our years (and years) of experience helping people just like you.  Our compassionate nature in all of our personalities also is a winning combination.  We care deeply for each client and absolutely love to come along side to bring your health goals to life in a realistic compassionate way. 

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